Environmental protection

At A-HÍD we understand that the technologies used in our activities have an impact on the natural and developed environment. This is why we give environmental tasks associated with our work a great deal of attention. Great emphasis is placed on the prevention and gradual reduction of potential environmental effects, to fully comply with international and Hungarian regulations, and the responsible and environmental approach of our times.

As a company in the construction industry engaged in the development of transport and communal infrastructure, all phases of our activities demand a great deal of attention from our experts. This is the only way to reduce our interference into the natural and developed environment, during the construction of large-scale structures and buildings, and to minimise the environmental impacts occurring during construction.

Our company also expects from each member of staff and partner to fully comply with and enforce the environmental regulations in their work performed in their own fields, which we facilitate with regular training, sufficient information, introduction of incentives and other solutions and continuous control.

We try to ensure that our social responsibility is in line with the principles and practices of companies that are in the lead in environmental operations.

We use a DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management system as part of our integrated management system policy.