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László Sal Chief Executive Officer

László Sal
Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of our entire staff, let me welcome you to the website of A-Híd where you will find up-to-date information on the long history of our company, our core principles, current activities and the most recent developments.

Having adapted to the challenges and requirements of the 21st century, A-Híd and the members of the Híd Group continue with the traditions and corporate culture created by our predecessors, combining them with the experiences of the present and adding further value to their professional skills, accumulated over many decades.

We are proud that as a fully Hungarian-owned Group headquartered in Hungary, our strong workforce is able to contribute to the development of the Hungarian, primarily transport-infrastructure with buildings and structures that make everyday life easier for everyone. In any contract we undertake, we insist on organised, reliable and precise implementation, because our long-term structures will determine modern life, along with the cityscape, in the long run.

Over the last few years we have built excellent quality bridges, roads, overpassess, communal facilities, underground car parks and many buildings for various purposes, of which numerous structures received high-ranked professional awards.

Our Company is the leading player in the Hungarian civil engineering industry. Our success stems from the professional expertise, commitment, innovation, technical and technological skills of our experts, who have been working for us for many years.

Our objective is to operate not only in our core activities, i.e. bridge building, but also in various segments of the Hungarian and international construction industry and to make sure that the name A-Híd is equivalent to quality, reliability and professional expertise long into the future.

In addition, it is absolutely vital for us not only to create structures and buildings, but also to enable people to improve their quality of life and health, to contribute to the sustainable development of our environment and the Hungarian culture, and therefore we put great emphasis on the implementation of our CSR activities.

I hope that you enjoy reading our website, which provides a great amount valuable information.

László Sal
Chief Executive Officer